Useful office renovation checklist suggestions


Office remodelling can be one of the biggest investments you and your company will make. It is absolutely necessary to get tit right the first time! You are probably wondering how to even begin this huge project. This article will give you the most important steps to consider when planning an office makeover.


  1. Why are you renovating?

It is so important to identify the reasons for renovation to ensure that the finished results will meet the needs of the business. For example, consider whether the office needs more storage space then include this into the remodelling plans. This about how your business is likely to change in the next 5 to 10 years as your office space needs to be able to adapt to any future changes in the business.


  1. Security – there will be a lot of work being done in the office out of office hours so I would advise you put in place efficient security measures.


  1. Waste – look through the clutter of paperwork that has accumulated over the years and get rid of the unnecessary items to bring into the improved office space.


  1. Extra costs – It is important to set an additional 15% for unforeseen changes and extras during the remodelling process.


  1. When is the best time to do all the works?

Set how much construction work can be done during office hours and what needs to be done out of hours. This will help you maintain ‘business as usual’. Tools can cause so much noise and distractions. For example, a top reciprocating saw is known to cause quite a lot of sound and dust around it. This is of the highest importance to your business flow.


  1. Guarantee health and safety.

You have the responsibility for health and safety of your company, even if you have hired professional contractors. Work with the professionals to put in place health and safety practices for parking, access to the building and more.