What I look for when staying in a hotel

We hope all of us stayed in hotels of various types and star ratings in our life. Its sometimes great experiences, while some other times, it’s annoying that we were never able to relax and enjoy our stay, due to many factors.

As a hotel, according to the star rating of the hotel, it’s important that you keep everything in mind and all types of guests who use your accommodation and amenities. If there is any mistake or odd thing, then you will lose the customer rating and the customer as well.

In the recent stay at one of the hotels, a 3-star one, we were very annoyed at the lighting system that was in place. The guest room lighting was pathetic, as we had to search for a small reading light switch for hours together and we finally cancelled our plan to read, due to the bad system of lighting. This has made us never to go back to the place, again, forever!
Such scenarios do happen with other hotels too. As guests, we really can’t remember and keep in mind the things that would be changed and would remain a standard across all hotel chains. Please read few tips to make your guest stay as pleasant as possible.

Adapt lighting to the hotel layout changes:

There is nothing wrong in changing for good, what we intend is that you change everything along! Yes, the old concept of individual spaces and rooms for various purposes have been replaced by one place for all purposes, at least few common ones, like the lobby taking up most of the things, be it a relaxing spot to the busiest ever meeting places.

So, change the lights accordingly, and enable every client in the place to have access to adjust their lighting according to their preferences, or be of help if they need.