Here Is How To Set Up Your Own Coffee Business

My first venture:

Last year, I was ready to take the plunge after my graduation. By taking a plunge meaning I wanted to do something on my own not just spend my time working for someone. This compulsive thinking of doing something independently probably lies in the family because it is been three generations since we seek employment. Subconsciously, everyone in my immediate family thinks of a start up however small but that is how it is!

Thankfully, I was prepared:

While in college, I wanted to get some extra income because what allowance I used to get from home and how much more I could manage doing odd jobs here and there was only enough to scrape through the first two weeks of the month. I joined the college cafeteria where I was put in charge of serving coffee. I showed particular deftness at handling the espresso machine and the person in-charge of it was quite impressed with my skill and he also taught me some secret hacks that can produce not only great tasting coffee but “consistently” great tasting coffee.

Yes, consistency is extremely important:

No fancy location and no fancy interiors either, I believe that if you can make consistent coffee as in espresso with the right kind of coffee, you are going to be the single most favorite barista in town and people will walk miles to drink your coffee. Don’t believe me? You must because this is exactly what I have learnt in my two years of training!

Smart strategies work:

There are also other things that can make your cafeteria stand out. You can make a lot of margin by buying highest grade of coffee. Expensive, you may think. The hack has offset the price and for that, you need to buy coffee in wholesale quantities. When you buy them at wholesale prices you can rest assured that there is going to be a great drink brewing and your prices are also kept in the tab. What say?!