Benefits of Sms Marketing

SMS is an integral part of marketing strategy.Nowadays, most of the businesses prefer subscription free online SMS marketing to reach maximum number of potential customers.It is considered because of the number of advantages it offers.

  • The most important benefit is that it delivers a message instantly. Within seconds of sending a message, it is received by your subscribers. In fact, it takes less than 7 seconds to both send and receive a message. Although there are a number of other strategies which are fast but still there is no comparison to SMS.
  • Usually SMS marketing services offer customization of text messages whether you want to send it to a specific group or all the subscribers in the list. Sms can be used for any quick business update or for a promotional message. Hence, it can be molded as per your business requirements.
  • To send any message, you only need the mobile number and no other detail of the subscriber is needed.
  • In comparison to email, SMS has a higher open rate. SMS has higher chances to be opened and read whereas in case of email there are chances for the recipient to not open it. Some text messages get opened automatically which grabs attention of the recipient unlike emails.
  • SMS marketing is way more reliable than email marketing. These messages do not have to face spam or other such filters.Through SMS you directly connect to your customer which is not the case with other marketing strategies.
  • Since, for a SMS, you can use a limited length of characters, it helps you to convey the important points to your customers and avoid unnecessary contents.
  • A lot of people have stopped using email and prefer to text on phone. Hence, it is better to do promotions through SMS so that maximum number of people gets to see it.