Why Business That Drug Test Succeed

An international survey on drug test conducted on business pros reported about one-fifth of companies experience an increase in its productivity and efficiency. The perceptions after drug test implementation are

  • A steady drop from 9% to 4% of employee absentees during work
  • A drop from 14% to 6% companies with high workers compensation incidence rates
  • A low percentage of employee turnover

Thus a pilot analysis of such test conducted in companies confirms that drug testing has a positive impact creating a sound and solid workforce. Considering this effect, more companies have adopted a screening drug test during their pre-hiring process. This further prevents the hiring of negative abusers.

During such substance test process, workers are stamped ineligible if:

  • They are confirmed positive for drug use
  • Refuse themselves to submit to this test
  • Fails to supply sufficient specimen
  • Misconduct during a testing process

In addition to pre-employment testing, a company also conducts following post-employment drug tests:

  • Post-accident testing: This is for all employees who were present or involved in a workplace accident
  • Random testing: This is an unannounced periodic checking process that is randomly done and has the highest detection impacts
  • Reasonable suspicion testing: This is for the employee who is observed to be under the influence of an illegal substance.
  • For-cause testing: This is for an employee who is noted with frequent absenteeism, violent moods or so
  • Site testing: This is done on employee complaint basis
  • Baseline testing: This is to establish a drug-free worksite and to ensure the effective implementation of a drug-stuff abuse program

Drug abusers are directly guided to rehabilitation or counseling sessions before reverting back to work. Hence, if for the successive drug test turns out to be negative, you are definitely taken back to work. Therefore, passing a drug test has never been easy as it is a lengthy and tedious process.