Can You Refuse Your Business A Drug Test?

If you are involved in critical jobs or businesses that involve operating or tackling machinery, taking care of vulnerable people like children, old or ailing people, then you could be asked by your employer to take a drug test. This is usually a random process and involves oral fluid or urine sample collection to test for possible addictions.

However, you can refuse your business and your employer a drug test. Listed below are the reasons.

  1. Uninformed drug test

Every company and every business module must have a drug testing policy in place to be able to ask its employers to undertake drug tests. If the contract had not specified of a drug test when you had signed it, you have every right to refuse taking one and neither the business nor the company can take action against you.

  1. You are on medication

Most employees are scared of revealing the fact that they are on some sort of medication. Some medicines tend to have substances that could contain traces of drugs or might trigger a false positive. The medication might also interfere with the test results. If you are on medication for mental health, you should inform your manager at the time of signing the contract so that there is awareness in the system about it.

  1. You are on drugs

The one reason that is the commonest is the fact that you have been taking drugs once in a while and the very idea of undertaking a drug test is petrifying. You are apprehensive of being exposed and wish to postpone the test for as long as possible. Although your employer or business head cannot sack you if nothing is mentioned in the contract, you might actually lose your job if it is a part of the contract.

The good news is, there are successful ways to pass a drug test and knowing them beforehand might save your job.