When you have a business service that you wish to purchase or start there are several factors that one must bear in mind. There are numerous questions that come to one’s mind, especially because of the high standards set by Simplymaid. Here are a few of the questions answered.

How to get the first few clients?

This is often a challenge as people look for work experience before everything else. Be honest yet confident and tell your clients that you are new but confident of carrying out excellent services. You can get some references from your friends and family. Offer them service at a discounted price so that they get a firsthand experience and can refer confidently.

You can also spread the word and get noticed. Send out flyers and door hangers that can help or even publish your advertisement on your vehicle. You must also have your own website with contact information as many people look for such services online. Another good way is to get business cards printed that give your business a professional touch, as well as help, spread the word.

How many employees to hire?

If you are starting from scratch, it is best to stick to a minimum. As your business grows you can always hire more. It is best to avoid expenses early in the business.

How to train the staff?

The best option is to personally train the staff and ensure they meet the standards of cleaning before they take up professional assignments. Even if the staff has had previous work experience make sure they are trained to meet the business standards you have set.

What is the best way to charge?

You can charge in various ways, either per hour basis or per room or you can even have flat rates. It is usually better to charge flat rates so that client does not fret about the number of hours and your staff can clean the house thoroughly without running on a clock.