Is the Toy Business making a comeback?

The advent of smartphones transformed not only the way we communicate with each other but the way little children play. Yes, gone are the days where traditional wooden toys made the day; today’s technology-driven world has given birth to a generation of technology craving children who have never experienced the pleasure of playing with physical toys. The visually stimulating media is so addictive that it is hard to break the hold unless toy manufacturers brace themselves for the challenge and innovate toys that can hold the attention of the children.

What are the challenges faced by toy business?

These are tough times for businesses that sell toys as they have to constantly wage a war on various fronts. They have to deal with:

  • Competition from electronic devices, video games, and sports-based goods
  • Changing tastes in children
  • Addictive and compact nature of smartphones and tablets which are portable and can be accessed from anywhere
  • The growing costs of manufacturing safe and chemical-free toys
  • The enforcement of new toy laws.

It’s time to go back to the roots

Playing with actual physical toys can build the imagination of young children and provide the right stimulation needed for the proper growth of their brain. While behavioral therapist and educationist persist in trying to educate the parents and caregivers on the detrimental effects of technology and the need for going to back to the roots, businesses still have to figure a way out of the dilemma they are caught in.

There is hope

The industry has to adopt amid-path where it can integrate technology with the traditional toys and win its young audience back. The task is daunting but the onus is on the parents to steer the next generation from its dependence on the electronic menace and break the debilitating habit before it is too late. You can check out several age-appropriate toys at and ensure that your child does not miss out on the pleasures of childhood.