Are Flying Drones The Future of Delivery?

Flying Drones delivering food might sound like something from a science fiction movie, but it’s becoming more and more likely that our online purchases will be delivered by drones. For example, at the end of 2016 Amazon successfully made a trial drone delivery in England. At the time of writing, the ‘Prime Air’ service isn’t widely available, but this successful mission makes it seem highly likely that we could expect to see a lot more drones flying around in the very near future.

Facts About Drones and Amazon

The main issue halting the advancement of drone deliveries is the strict regulations put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration. There are currently issues with flying over populated areas, which may take years to clear up. There is also the issue of the distance the drones will need to travel. It is expected that only those of us living close to Amazon warehouses will be able to benefit from the Prime Air delivery service.

However, Amazon are thinking of solutions to these problems already. It is thought that drones could ‘hitch a ride’ on moving trucks and trains, to save power and time. Amazon have also come up with solutions to the issue of malfunctioning drones. Different models of drones are being developed which could ‘disintegrate’ if they malfunction or are subject to extreme weather conditions. Or in certain cases, the drone could ‘eject’ the parts which were causing problems, potentially still being able to make a quick and safe landing.

Another issue with drone delivery is the dimensions and weight of the parcel being delivered. It is thought that drones will only be able to carry packages weighing 5 pounds or less, which means of course large items will not be able to be transported in this way. However, it has been said that over 85% of Amazon packages weigh under 5 pounds, meaning the vast majority of items could in fact be delivered by drone.